Tips for teaching adult music students

RCM Staff
Most adult music students take lessons because they want to learn. Perhaps they’ve made a New Year’s resolution to learn an instrument and play their favourite song. Maybe they’ve decided to dust off the guitar that’s been sitting in the back of the closet. Or perhaps they’re looking for a way to stay engaged and challenge themselves. Whatever the reason, teaching adults who are eager to learn can be a rewarding experience. Here are some tips to make the most of your sessions. 
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Getting Started

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Ask a Neuroscientist

What is attention and how does it relate to music?

In psychology, attention has two major components: selecting what you want to attend to and ignoring the rest. Studies have found that musicians have a cognitive advantage in focusing their attention, outperforming non-musicians in laboratory tests.
Sean Hutchins
Director of Research
What is attention and how does it relate to music?
Attention is the capacity to maintain selective concentration and music practice of any kind can help boost your attention.
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Business of Music

Interviewing Prospective Students

In order to meet students where they really are, we need to get started on the right foot. A good initial interview is the best way to do so. Meeting with and assessing a new student before beginning lessons helps the teacher create the best possible teaching approach for that individual student, as well as a relaxed, positive learning environment.

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