Tips for teaching adult music students

RCM Staff
Most adult music students take lessons because they want to learn. Perhaps they’ve made a New Year’s resolution to learn an instrument and play their favourite song. Maybe they’ve decided to dust off the guitar that’s been sitting in the back of the closet. Or perhaps they’re looking for a way to stay engaged and challenge themselves. Whatever the reason, teaching adults who are eager to learn can be a rewarding experience. Here are some tips to make the most of your sessions. 

Ask a Neuroscientist

When studying, is background music distracting or does it help?

What does the science say about working with music in the background? It turns out there’s no cut-and-dried answer to the question. Music can have different effects on cognitive tasks (such as reading or making judgments) and physical tasks (such as exercise or physical work), and the same music can even have different effects on different people.
Sean Hutchins
Director of Research
Can listening to music help you study?
A range of factors can influence how music can affect performance. The type of music makes a difference, as does the type of task you’re trying to do.
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Business of music

6 Expenses You Can Deduct As An Independent Music TeacherTitle

There are numerous tax deductions available to you as an independent music teacher. That’s why diligent record keeping can be just as important to your business as creating an effective studio policy or marketing your services.



Watch musical artists of the highest calibre work with students from The Glenn Gould School.


How to Teach Music Online

Join us for a webinar series created just for you! Industry experts will share information about best practices, strategies and resources to help you transition to online music teaching.
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Teaching Online Course

Expand your knowledge of teaching online using the most effective strategies and tactics to connect with your students.
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Take your teaching to the next level! Focus on your teaching practice and gain valuable knowledge from master teachers.
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