Lesson 3: Setting the Foundations
Jonathan Roberts
In this lesson, we will cover some basic foundations that will set you up for exam preparation success:
  • registering for an RCM teacher account;
  • helping parents register for student RCM accounts;
  • sending links for students to purchase the necessary materials; and
  • purchasing your own materials.

How to Use Your RCM Teacher Account

If you are participating in this community, you have already taken the crucial step of creating an RCM teacher account. Congratulations! When you created your teacher account, you were assigned an RCM teacher number, which your students will use to designate you as their teacher when they register for exams. You may also use your account to access the digital resources available to RCM teachers (such as this community!).

Helping Parents Register for RCM Student Accounts

Parents may visit myrcm.rcmusic.com to sign up for an RCM account at no cost.

They will only make a payment when they register for an exam. Your students will log in to their account to register for their exams and view their results.

Purchasing Materials

Now that you’ve introduced The RCM Certificate Program to your students and have agreed on which levels you’ll prepare for, it’s time for both you and them to acquire the necessary materials. Send your students a link to the relevant materials on the RCM Shop website: RCM Shop

You will want to have your own copies of the materials to help with your planning. Once you complete the tasks within The New Teachers' Community and the exit survey, you will receive a unique discount code for 15% off the RCM online shop to help with the cost of establishing your own library of RCM materials. 

Ask any questions you might have about this registration process in the discussion forum.

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